About us

MASLIGHTING is the LED division of Miño Iluminación. Thanks to our large team of professionals and enthusiastic environment, we have brought new solutions in lighting equipment for the last years, based on the most innovative LED technology: superior luminous efficiency, long lifespan, minimum maintenance and high luminous performance.

Our commitment lies in keeping always in touch with the needs of the market, satisfying the demands of our customers and applying strict tests and controls to each fabrication process to ensure that we only introduce the best products into the market.

Our product divisions

All LED products from MASLIGHTING are based on strict technical and quality requirements and are certified according to relevant national and international standards. Depending on functionality and applications, they are classified into three divisions: architectural, commercial and industrial.

The architectural collection is shaped by downlights, spotlights, tracklights, wall lamps, LED strips and profiles that combine all the features of LED technology with aesthetics and functionality, focusing on modern decoration and architecture. On the commercial division easy and simple installation prevails, in order to replace old technologies with new LED tubes, lamps and floodlights. For our division of industrial and street lighting, our technical department focuses its experience to develop highbays, floodlights and streetlights prepared to meet the requirements of the most demanding environments and installations.

Projects with our products

MASLIGHTING provides LED solutions for all kinds of illumination needs. Thanks to our commitment with quality, we offer multipurpose products that meet the most demanding needs of problematic and aggressive environments and can be used in different installations and applications.

Our commercial and technical team is highly specialised and offer the best LED solutions of the market, study and analyze the present system and recommend how to improve its efficiency and energy savings meeting both clients’ and installations’ requirements.

GROUND floodlights

New STAR LINE panels

New spotlights BITE X