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MASLIGHTING provides LED solutions for all kind of lighting needs. Thanks to our commitment with quality, we offer multipurpose products that meet the most demanding needs of problematic and aggressive environments and may be used in different installations and applications.

Our commercial and technical team is highly specialised and offer the best LED solutions of the market, study and analyze the current system and recommend how to improve its efficiency and energy saving meeting both clients’ and installations’ requirements.

MASLIGHTING adaptability allows to modify certain features of the products to meet the needs of each project – light sources, colour temperatures, dimming, etc. – always achieving the highest levels of energy efficiency, aesthetics and quality standards. We offer a wide range of functionalities: different optical groups (photometric distribution, colour temperature, colour rendering indexes) and a complete range of dimming options (DALI, 0 / 1..10V, 3-level intelligent, by proximity and/or luminosity sensors, etc.).

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