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  • SLIM 18W 36W and 45W 4500K

    Excellent light uniformity, pure and soft illumination. The SLIM family of batten luminaries from MASLIGHTING meets all requirements to be the best and easiest replacement of conventional fluorescent batten luminaries.

    Its heat dissipation has been optimized thanks to its aluminium structure and polycarbonate diffuser and end covers. Moreover, superior efficiency and energy saving have been achieved by lengthening the lifetime of the LED chip.

    For all these reasons, as well as their high colour rendering index and beam angle, the SLIM batten luminaries from MASLIGHTING are the most suitable choice for installions on shopping centers, ofices, parking lots, homes, etc. 18W, 36W and 45W luminaries are available.

    Suspension kit accessory ref. 187339 (1m long wires included).

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