New ways in lighting control

Energy efficiency is a fundamental goal in the lighting & electrical installations’ sector, and each day becomes even more important. This is the reason why the use of smart control systems is becoming more frequent: because it means an exponential increase in energy saving. Enabling the smart management of an installation, we may control and set schedules from anywhere, making the most of the energy and the natural light.

MasConnectivity brings innovative products suitable for smart control. Meaning that, in addition to control them with the usual gestures such as pressing a switch, we may also control lighting products and switches through an app on our smartphone or tablet and even with our voice through home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Always guaranteeing a flexible, simple and fast control of the electrical installation.

Connected installations


Usual gestures as in conventional installations


With your smartphone or tablet via Smart Life app


With your own voice via home assistants

Adaptative control

MasConnectivity products are easily manageable from anywhere, therefore their control is adaptable to every need and very comfortable. We can forget now about switches and remote controls if we want to, because we can manage our installation with our smartphone, even from outside our house.

For example, we can check from our workplace if we remembered to turn off all the lights from home, or maybe turn on the entrance lamp on our way home, so we do not get there in the dark, or even schedule ons and offs according to our daily routine.

MasConnectivity products are easily and quickly linkable through the Smart Life application, available for free for both Android and iOS.

MasConnectivity Collection

Touch switches

Touch switches with high quality crystal tempered glass panel design. Compatible with all kind of lamps for domestic uses, but also for restaurants & hotels, hospitals, offices and other applications.

MasConnectivity brings individual and double switches and curtain controllers with WiFi connection. Under the same design there are also dimmers, doorbells, schuko sockets, USB ports, TV, PC and telephone sockets available.

MasConnectivity Switches

LED WiFi lamps

Smart LED lamps easily controlled from anywhere via app and/or voice command, since they connect directly to home assistant devices (Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant) via WiFi 2.4GHz.

The Smart Life app (available for iOS & Android) makes it super easy to set up and control, allowing several functions: CCT and/or RGB dimming, switch on/off timer, set schedules to turn on/off the lamps at specific times, and much more.

MasConnectivity lamparas

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