ENEC/CB certifications for MASLIGHTING

The Maslighting streetlights Insignia, Plana and Oval are in the process of certification and will soon receive the ENEC and CB certifications.

These certifications, which currently constitute the most important and strict product certification schemes, ensure compliance with European requirements regarding product quality and electrical safety.


The ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certifications) certification scheme has high prestige within the global electrical field as a complement to the CE marking in terms of electrical safety and manufacturing quality. This is a complete product certification scheme in accordance with ISO / IEC 17067, originally developed within the CENELEC, European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, responsible for European standardization in the areas of electrical engineering, and operating under the authority of the European association of certification of electrical products.

For this goal, our streetlights and their corresponding production processes are subjected to a strict and complete examination carried out by independent notified and accredited European organizations, which through auditing and technical testing processes, certify that:

  • The product strictly complies with European standards and standards in the field of electrical safety
  • The production and quality control processes are carried out following the quality standards set by the ISO 9000 standard
  • Through periodic inspections, it is demonstrated that both the product and its production processes remain unchanged over time


The CB Certification Scheme is an international system created by the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) and its conformity assurance system (IECEE), which eases the obtaining of conformity marks of certification bodies between different countries for electrical products, electronics and components.

In order to obtain it, it is mandatory to carry out product tests in accordance with IEC standards in accredited laboratories (CB Testing Laboratories (CBTL). Products with this certificate can automatically obtain the national conformity mark of any country adherent to the scheme, with the only requirement of being sent to a CBTL laboratory in the country of destination for validation and approval.