Frontal lighting panels for better intensity and luminosity. The STAR LINE family of panels have their LED chips displayed in a grid, covering the entire surface of the aluminum plate. This favors the uniformity of lighting and makes the most of its intensity. Therefore, energy saving is also enhanced and optimized.

Manufactured in aluminium, Star Line panels are the best option for demanding applications that require superior performance and UGR<19 thanks to its high quality prismatic diffuser.

Commonly used for installations in Armstrong ceilings, but their availability of accessories provide adaptation to other installations (surface by means of an aluminium frame and recessed in plaster ceilings through clamps).

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Datos técnicos

Ref. 197031 / 197017 197048 / 197024 103810 / 103827
Potencia 36W / 42W 36W / 42W 36W / 42W
Driver Eaglerise Eaglerise Eaglerise
Flujo lumínico 4.140 / 4.830 lm 4.140 / 4.830 lm 4.140 / 4.830 lm
Eficiencia luminosa 115 lm/W 115 lm/W 115 lm/W
Grado de apertura 90° 90° 90°
Temperatura de color 4000K 5000K 5700K
IRC >80 >80 >80
UGR UGR<19 UGR<19 UGR<19
Grado IP IP20 IP20 IP20
Grado IK IK07 IK07 IK07
Medidas generales L595 x 595 x H30 mm L595 x 595 x H30 mm L595 x 595 x H30 mm
Medidas de corte L570 x W570 mm L570 x W570 mm L570 x W570 mm