New spotlights BITE X

Less is more

The new BITE X spotlight is a new and improved version of the classic Bite, optimizing its performance. Its aluminum structure has been redesigned, diameter reduced and height increased. This way, its latest generation chip goes deeper, enhancing visual comfort. Together with its high-performance driver and anti-glare lens, the BITE X is a benchmark in spotlights of this class.

Chip Cree 3,5W
90lm/W · 270lm
Driver Eaglerise
3000K / 4000K
Anti-glare lens 25°
CRI>80 · IP20 · 30.000h
White· Ref. 197932 3000K / Ref. 197949 4000K
Black· Ref. 197956 3000K / Ref. 197963 4000K